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Riley Orton Foundation

Robotics coding camp December 2023

A transformative STEM education program for rural kids in western Kenya

This project supports the resourcing and delivery of a three-week coding camp at the Akili STEMarts Academy. Funding will be used to purchase a range of coding robots for students at various ages and stages of learning, as well as educator capacity building in contemporary STEM teaching approaches.

The Academy is currently in transition from its previous role as a general primary education provider. We are also seeking support to sponsor the final graduating class to transition to high school. Find out more about supporting this scholarship program.

About the project

Since 2010, the The Akili School in Kisumu, western Kenya, has provided general primary education for young people from rural, low-income, marginalised families. Children board at the school while completing their primary schooling, ensuring safe, consistent access to learning, support and shelter. The school is administered by the Riley Orton Foundation (ROF). Now, the school is transitioning into a specialised STEAM learning centre to provide contemporary education in science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics.

The December coding camp will provide an opportunity for 250+ girls to explore coding and robotics, discover their strengths and consider taking up STEM education and career pathways.

As well as purchasing a range of coding robots for students at different stages of development, the proposed funds will support professional development for rural teachers to deliver effective STEM instruction to ensure the camp’s success.

About the Riley ORton Foundation

Riley Orton Foundation (ROF) is a registered charity that works with schools and community organisations in Kisumu, Siaya, and Kakamega counties in western Kenya. It works to provide educational opportunities for marginalised girls and communities in Kenya, providing them with the agency to realise their full potential.

ROF is a trusted long term partner of the Sunflower Foundation, and the beneficiary of three previous Sunflower grants totalling over $AUD 24,000, to fund school infrastructure and garden construction, teaching salaries, entrepreneurship training and scholarship provision.

As well as the Akili School, ROF powers many other girls’ education initiatives, including scholarships for at-risk students, bicycles and school uniform distribution.


Corporate sponsorships

We are seeking a corporate partner to fund this valuable initiative. Speak to our team about corporate sponsorship.

Resources needed

We will fund the following expenses to run the project.

Coding robots (Age 5–8)

Building foundational coding skills for younger children with simple and friendly screen-free robots.

$A 486

Coding robots (Age 4–16)

Supporting children to progressively learn three programming languages as they master various robotic functions.

$A 1253

Coding robots (Age 8–14)

Modular kits for older children with many snap-together parts, to design, assemble and deploy a range of robotic functions.

$A 671

Teacher development

Training for rural teachers in digital skills, science/math simulations, contemporary and innovative teaching approaches.

$A 1000