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Sunflower Foundation

Help her shine

We provide financial grants to get girls to school in low resource environments and keep them there

Why Girls' Education?

2/3 of the world's illiterate people are women

1/4 of all girls in developing countries don't complete primary school

Women spend 90% of their earnings on their family

Education can change lives. Girls and young women who are educated have a greater awareness of their rights, and greater confidence and freedom to make decisions that affect their lives, improve their own and their children’s health and chances of survival, and boost their work prospects.

What we do

We fund community projects that are making an impact on girl’s education in developing countries. Grants from Sunflower empower local organisations to run projects on the ground for their own communities. Here’s how:

five stage process. Step 1 (proposal) shows a document illustrated with children holding hands. Step 2 (review) shows a document being reviewed under a magnifying glass. Step 3 (promote) shows a megaphone broadcasting a message. Step 4 (donate) shows a hand handing out money. Step 5 (impact) shows a row of children holding hands with a background of sunflowers.


A community organisation tells us about their planned work supporting girls’ education in their community.


We conduct an extensive due diligence check of the organisation and its proposed project.


We promote the project and raise funds to make up the grant amount – this is where you come in!


We deliver the amount of the grant to the community organisation that will implement the project.


The project is implemented, supporting girls in the community to access and pursue education.

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how you can help

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Make a donation directly to the Sunflower Foundation to use on upcoming priority projects.

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Explore our current projects and lend your support through donation or promotion.

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