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Host a fundraiser

If you feel very strongly about supporting a girls’ education project, and want to contribute in a way that makes a big impact, why not host a fundraising campaign of your own? 

Step 1: Set your target

How much will you aim to raise? Perhaps you have a particular dollar amount in mind, or you’d like to fund a specific item (for example the full cost of a bicycle, a computer or a scholarship for one girl).

fundraising thermometer
Set your fundraising goal and think about what it would take to raise it.

Step 2: Plan your fundraiser

What kind of fundraiser would you like to hold? You might like to host an event, do something memorable, or simply let people know you’re raising funds for girls’ education. Here are a few ideas to get you started (hover over the cards for hosting tips):

Host a night in

Have a night in with friends - games, movies or trivia, and donations at the door

Plan a dinner out

Invite your guests to a fancy dinner and ask them to match the amount of their donation to the price of their meal

Put the word out online

Share your fundraising goal on Insta, Facebook or LinkedIn, and ask your connections to help to reach your goal

Do a coffee run

Do a tea or coffee run for your office, and then ask your colleagues to 'tip' you back the amount of their donations

Step 3: Put the word out

Will you reach out to family, friends, work colleagues, or your connections online? Either way, you can share the project page or flyer with your guests/donors to let them know where the funds will go and what kind of impact they will make.

spread the word
Let everyone know how they can get involved.

Step 4: Raise the roof!

There are a range of ways to collect donations. You might:

  • Share our donate link with people directly – this way they will receive an immediate tax invoice from Sunflower
  • Have your donors pass/transfer their contributions to you, then submit the total amount to us
  • Set up a fundraising page on a site like GoFundMe.


Remember that all donations over $2 made to the Sunflower Foundation are tax deductible. If you’re planning to collect cash-in-hand or through your own account, and you’d like to make sure your donors can claim their contributions on tax, contact us to arrange tax invoices.