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A new tradition for Kuria girls


girls and women dressed in colourful clothes stirring food in plastic pots

With your generous help, Sunflower sponsored the annual Emmanuel Center Girls’ Camp for 95 girls in December. We thought you might like to know how it went.

We’re so happy to share that the girls spent up to three weeks of the summer holidays playing, learning and building confidence in themselves as self-determined women. They also stayed well away from the violent ritual that takes place at that time of year: the tohara, which involves female genital mutilation and prepares Kuria girls for traditional (that is, child) marriage.

One of the greatest achievements of the camp is in helping Kuria parents to choose to support their daughters in new ways, and reduce the stigma that still exists in Kuria society for girls who are not ‘cut’.

We are proud to have supported the Emmanuel Center to host this camp in 2022, supplying bedding, food, teaching, promotion, and secondary school uniforms for the coming year. Thank you once again to all who contributed to making this happen.

The Center aims to run the camp every year, but it depends on fluctuating funding to do this. We’ll keep the signal alive, and keep you posted if you’d like to support it again in 2023.

“I’m so thankful that what was once a normal practice in Tarime is now on its way out. I’m thankful that so many people, from 4 continents, wanted to join together to protect 95 young women from this practice, and to teach them to teach others, as we help the Kuria in their efforts to usher this out.”

Davis Rhodes, Site Director, QuadW Skunkworks
(supporting the Emmanuel Center)
girls and women standing inside King Emmanuel Primary School smiling and laughing