Help her shine

We provide financial grants to get girls to school in low resource environments and keep them there

Where do your contributions go

From Kenya and Tanzania to Ecuador and Bangladesh, our grants have directly benefited girls in low resource environments the world over 

African Girl - 1

Why Girls?

Girls are at an educational disadvantage globally.

We believe that education empowers women to overcome discrimination. Girls and young women who are educated have greater awareness of their rights, and greater confidence and freedom to make decisions that affect their lives, improve their own and their children’s health and chances of survival, and boost their work prospects. 

2/3 of the world's 775m illiterate people are women

1/4 of all girls in developing countries don't complete primary school

Women spend 90% of their earnings on their family

Our Current Project

Donate to help the literacy garden in Kisumu, Kenya

Goal: $5000 AUD
$ 120000
in Grants Given

Since 2008, The Sunflower Foundation has given to programs supporting girls education in low resource environments. 


We have helped with grants to 26 programs empowering girls in 7 countries 


Your Help is Needed

As we launch new programs, we can not do it alone. From fundraising to organising to administrative help, we welcome it all. Please consider getting involved.